April 23, 2018

Why It’s a Privilege to be Overweight

Last night as I was watching the 60 Minutes segment on hunger in South Sudan, I was struck with this thought, it is a privilege to be overweight and living in America. The impoverished people living in war-torn South Sudan are starving. The segment showed starving children lying, with their distended stomachs from starvation, in makeshift hospital beds. It is a touching segment, one that left me feeling very lucky. I also felt admiration for the doctors, workers from the UN World Food Program, and humanitarians who choose to be in dangerous South Sudan and help the people of South Sudan. Click here to watch.

The United Nations World Food Program is air dropping food, rice and oil, to the 5 million people of South Sudan. The report stated that 100,000 are facing death due to starvation. The reason for air dropping food is because South Sudan is unsafe due to war. South Sudan is considered, next to Syria one of the unsafest places.

I don’t write this to make anyone feel guilty or bad about the amount of privilege we all experience. Yes, I know some more than others, I am aware people in America are starving. My intention in writing this is to give all of us, myself included, a bigger perspective. We can all have our pity parties once and awhile, just remember to make them quick, because you get what you think.  If you are sitting around feeling sorry for yourself, you are going to attract more to feel sorry about, The Law of Attraction says so. Let’s choose to feel appreciative of all that we DO have. Yes, we may not look the way we want right now, there may be circumstances in our lives that are less than ideal, but there is A LOT to be happy about. Focus on the good not the bad. In the case of South Sudan focus on the good people out there helping on the front lines and/or become one of those people helping by donating here. Pray for those living in South Sudan, send good thoughts their way.

So where to go with all of this? I do not know really. My only conclusion is I don’t know why some people in our world struggle for food while others have an overabundance of food. I trust God and the Universe, in the fact that He is looking out for everyone. I think it would be helpful if we didn’t need concrete answers for every injustice. Blaming is not going to help get food in the people of Sudan’s bellies. I know that I can give what I can afford to give to the UN World Food Fund. I showed the segment to my children and donated money afterward. Donating money does not make me a saint or fix the problem, it does, however, put positive energy into the world. Giving from a genuine place of love and compassion is an amazing feeling, it doesn’t matter if you give five dollars or five hundred dollars, the energy behind it is the same.

Going back to my original, eye-catching statement, Why It’s a Privilege to be Overweight, I wrote it to get people’s attention. Exposing ourselves to other people’s lives gives us perspective, so that the next time we are feeling down about ourselves,  we remember that it could be worse and we are lucky to have the problems we have.

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