April 23, 2018

It’s Time to Get Serious

It’s time to get serious about finishing my book and getting it published. I found a great online source on how to publish a non-fiction book. I love that I have a concrete outline detailing what I need to do.  It turns out I need to write a book proposal. A book proposal is essentially a business plan; I have a business marketing degree I can do this!

Step one, research competing books. I started my research online, and there are many women with similar messages as mine. They have blogs and YouTube channels where they post their video blogs. I’m really enjoying the research portion and have found several fabulous women to follow and learn from. I’m not going to lie there are moments I think, Am I too late? Has someone else already done what I’m attempting to do? Are they doing it better? Then I realize that as of writing this America is still facing an obesity epidemic, so obviously, there is still a need for my ideas.  Plus, like I always say it takes a village. Let me be part of your village. By the way, I’m going to share my village with you here.

Next, I visited my local Barns and Noble to see what weight loss books they stocked. Clearly, I’m breaking into an over saturated weight loss market. As I was thumbing through the pages of various weight loss books, I was trying to figure out where I fit in. Many books had detailed menus to follow for a specified period of time ensuring weight loss if followed. There were weight-loss memoirs written by celebrities and non-celebrities alike.  Registered Dieticians, Doctors, and Psychologists are to credit for many of the weight loss books out there.  Most of the diet books were just that “diet books” and the opposite of my message. There are really great books I hadn’t  heard of, I even added several to my kindle wish list. I’m sure all of the books were written with the intention of helping people, so I respect each and every book, whether I agree or not.

The three questions I need to answer in my book proposal are: So what?  I need to define my topic clearly as well as relevance in the marketplace. Who cares?  Who will buy my book and why does the world need it. Lastly, Who are you?  What are my credentials and why do I have authority on the matter. These are huge questions that have me thinking, and to be perfectly honest I’m not sure I have all the answers yet. I will say thank God for helping me find this wonderful writing mentor, with her help I’m bringing all of my thoughts together. Which I have to say is the hard part. I’m thankful to have an outline of what to do. I’m really happy working towards a goal. I like structure, and thankfully I’ve found it.

I need to build a platform. Currently, I have no platform, aside from a few clients and my sister that I’ve done weight loss counseling with, no one knows who I am. I’m cultivating ideas for establishing a platform. Thus far I started a blog. I plan on making Youtube videos in the near future.  After a pep talk from my website guy, I am going to embrace social media. Currently, I have no online presence on social media. So here I go!!!!


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