April 23, 2018

The Gray Area

Diets have everyone thinking and behaving in extremes. Steamed vegetables and boneless skinless chicken breast or fried chicken and biscuits. There is a large gray area between the two extremes. Healthy eating is not black and white. I love living in the gray area. The all or nothing mentality doesn’t work.

I prefer to balance what I eat in a 24-hour period. I’m not really that technical. Here’s an example, say I eat lunch out, for dinner, I’ll prepare an easy, small, healthy meal at home. If I know I’m going to a party in the evening I’ll eat healthfully during the day.

That reminds me don’t skip meals during the day in preparation for a big dinner. Your body will go into starvation mode and hold onto the calories you consume. Think of your metabolism like a fire, by eating throughout the day; you’re putting logs on the fire.  Eating throughout the day allows your metabolism to function well, efficiently burning the calories you consume. Joey Tribbiani on Friends had the right idea on a Thanksgiving episode. He ate all day in preparation for the big meal, although he might have gone a little overboard, but you get the idea.

There is nothing wrong with snacking all day or eating a few smaller meals in preparation for a bigger dinner, that would be a perfect example of putting the logs on the fire so to speak.

Diets tend to encourage the all or nothing mindset. Have you ever skipped a workout and thought, “screw it, I’m going to pig out, I already messed up today, I’ll do better tomorrow.” Then tomorrow comes, and your co-worker brings donuts, you eat one, later that day you skip your workout because why bother you ate a donut this morning. Get where I am going with this. It makes no sense!

Don’t let one less than healthy choice cause an avalanche of unhealthy choices.

Just the other day while I was taking a walk, I ordered a pizza when I was almost home. I was starving and had been craving pizza for several days. The pizza was delicious, and my craving was satisfied. By the way, it makes more sense, from a calorie burning standpoint, to eat a higher calorie meal after exercise. Bonus, no dishes that night and the kids were happy with momma’s decision. Click here to find out how to make pizza night a bit healthier.

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