April 23, 2018


One might think because I’m a Pilates instructor I have an advantage when it comes to losing weight. People tend to think I’m working out all day. Here’s the deal with teaching Pilates. While you are instructing, you don’t actually do it yourself.

As an instructor, you have to make time for your practice. Self-Practice is one of the keys to becoming a good instructor. Being a better teacher is great motivation to practice Pilates.

Just like everyone else in the world I’m a busy gal. There were times while I was starting my business, instructing, and working for my husband, my practice was tricky to fit in. Pilates for me was usually Mat work at the end of the day on my living room floor.

Anyone can do Pilates, it’s one of the most adaptive forms of exercise. There are some serious misconceptions about Pilates out there. I’ve had people call to inquire about Pilates, and they finish the phone call with, “I will book an appointment when I lose weight.” I’ve responded with, “No, start now! Pilates is the gateway drug to other types of exercise.” I’ve seen many clients go onto to try different types of exercise they might not have tried before. I’ve seen clients get more in-tune with their body and naturally want to take better care of themselves. All because they started with Pilates.

I love that one never fully masters Pilates. You can always improve your practice. Practice being the keyword. An exercise you rocked last week can be tough this week and vice versa.

I always reassure new clients they will not be slowing more practiced students down. Those students can make the most basic exercise difficult by fine-tuning their form. Plus, going back to the basics is good for everyone. And of course, there are always up levels to offer more advanced students.

Pilates exercises can look deceivingly easy. I always joke with my clients, that people walking by the studio looking in would think, “those chicks don’t look like they’re doing much.”  In fact, we are shaking and our muscles are burning. Performing an exercise with correct postural alignment, often against one’s normal posture pattern is difficult. This is why Pilates is so effective.

Pilates improves posture and eases chronic pain associated with weak and tight muscles. Especially back pain.

I always say, “Pilates is working out smarter.”

Pilates alignment principals aren’t limited to your Pilates practice. Use it in your everyday life, especially while doing other types of exercise or sports.

I cannot tell you how many times people inquired about Pilates and weight loss. Celebrities with rock hard bodies often credit Pilates. Nevermind, they never mentioned how many hours of other types of exercise they do or include how they eat. Because of this people often have unrealistic expectations of what Pilates can really do. That also shortchanges Pilates; it has so much more to offer than just a body that looks good. Pilates actually improves your body from the inside out.





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