April 23, 2018

No More, Do I Look Fat?

Want to lose weight? Start by changing your thoughts and vocabulary. Many women have a ticker tape in their minds saying not skinny enough, not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, etc. It feels shitty to have these negative thoughts. Even worse many women say these negative thoughts out loud further solidifying their significance. You cannot create lasting weight loss from a place of lack. One of the first steps in losing weight it changing your thoughts.

Let’s break this faulty pattern down. For starters,  the reason these thoughts feel so yucky is that your soul, inner being, the light in you, whatever you want to call it, knows that you’re beautiful and perfect inside and out.  These negative thoughts aren’t in alignment with who you really are. Furthermore, what we think and say we get. Call yourself fat, guess what happens?

When I realized all of this was true, I’d found the missing piece of the weight-loss puzzle. I learned this when I moved back to Hanford in 2004. I moved into my fiancé’s house with him and his two children. I’d seen enough eating disorders, odd eating habits, and general weight obsession throughout college, I didn’t want to impart that bad message to my soon to be step-daughter who was ten at the time. I made a pact with myself to never say anything negative about my body or appearance in front of her. I felt she was not my kid to screw up. I felt a sense of obligation to her to keep my side of the body image fence clean. So I did and I can honestly say I never fell off that wagon, just ask her.

Believe it or not, when you quit saying hateful things about yourself you stop thinking them too. It’s not going to happen in a day but over time those thoughts will ease. For me it started every other weekend and Tuesday, I was nice to myself. I still fished for compliments when Hannah wasn’t around. Dusty, do I look fat in this? But over time I stopped saying derogatory statements about myself all together. No more I feel fat or I can’t eat that it will make me fat. Those sentences were eradicated from my vocabulary.

It’s so worth it ladies just stop today! You will feel so much better about yourself.

Think if you have boys you don’t need to concern yourself with this rule? Not so when we as parents say anything negative about ourselves we are teaching our kids the “not good enough complex.” Kids doubt themselves when they hear their parents doubt themselves.

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