April 23, 2018

Jealousy Sucks

Jealousy is the main reason women put each other down. It happens in the media constantly. Junior high and high schools are hotbeds of insecure girls doing anything they can to feel better about themselves. Hence the reason “bullying” is a buzzword heard all the time.

Are you that person putting others down or being mean? If so, stop now and see how much better you’ll feel. Jealousy doesn’t feel good. Being mean doesn’t feel good either.

There’s a reason the word lousy is in the word jealousy because being jealous makes you feel lousy.

If you are the one being put down or even worse harassed, screw em!!! You don’t need that in your world. If your “friends” are the culprits, get new friends.

**Please note if you’re a student and are being threatened or abused you must tell a responsible adult and school administrator. There are severe implications of “bullying” these days. I don’t want to breeze through this subject without saying, “YOU are worth standing up for!” No one should treat you in a way that you’re not comfortable with or is harmful or threatening.

Mean girls are unhappy girls. I’ve been a bitch and a mean girl and guess what I felt like total shit about myself! I told myself all the time how fat, stupid and unworthy I was. I did a lot of comparing myself to others. When you are in that negative head space, it’s easy to criticize others. And of course, misery loves company, women love to gang up on each other. Let’s not talk about other women behind their back either.

The most important part of this blog is this. When you’re jealous and negative, you’re putting your energy in the wrong place. Your time and energy are better used improving your relationship with yourself. Doing things that increase your self-confidence.

Remember when someone puts you down, it’s only a reflection of how they see themselves. Are you criticizing in others what you don’t like in yourself? Women who are confident and happy don’t spend their time putting others down.

Kim Kardashian was constantly put down by the media for her weight gain during pregnancy. There was much speculation about how much weight she gained and how long it was going to take to lose it. No one, not even the most obnoxious celebrity, deserves that kind of scrutiny. Discussing others weight should be off limits, especially when that woman is pregnant.

On the flip side, there’s plenty of talk about, “are models too skinny?” What kind of message is that sending? That it’s okay to judge others? The problem isn’t that models are too skinny, and the rest of us are too fat. The problem lies in a confidence shortage women have.

MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, STAY IN YOUR LANE! When you’re confident, you don’t care if models are skinny or if Kim Kardashian is fat and pregnant. The fashion industry has the right to pick who they please to advertise their products. Everyone has the right to be whatever weight they want.

The key is to work on your self-confidence so that others appearances don’t affect how you feel about your own.

When you enjoy scrutinizing others weight, you are doing it to feel better about your weight. Try this out; you see a woman and your first instinct is to put her down. Instead, think about what her best qualities are, maybe she has beautiful hair or a great outfit, maybe she has many great features, list them mentally, and you’ll see it feels good to think kind thoughts about other women. If that feels hard, remember not to compare yourself with her. You are separate. Remember your list of good qualities and features. By appreciating others, you’ll find more to appreciate about yourself.

Confidence is the largest component to healthy lasting weight loss. I hope to inspire you to work on improving your confidence level. Good decisions about food and exercise come more naturally when you know you are worth it. In a broader sense having higher self-esteem benefits every area of your life. When you respect yourself, you treat yourself and others better.


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