April 23, 2018


Give yourself the gift of indulgence. Indulgence makes life enjoyable. I see too many women denying themselves indulgence. We were not meant to endure and deprive ourselves.

Maybe you grew up in a family where you saw your mom denying herself of simple pleasures. Maybe being a martyr was admired. Maybe you feel like your financial situation dictates how much indulgence you deserve.

Throw that flawed thinking out quickly. Everyone deserves to indulge and often. You might need to reframe what you consider an indulgence.

Here are a few ideas:

Take a walk after dinner (let the dishes wait they aren’t going anywhere)

Take a bath

Paint your toes

Play with your kids


Practice breathing (yes there are different ways to breathe, another post ladies)


Lay on the couch and do absolutely nothing

Read a book or magazine

You get the picture. None of the indulgences listed above cost a thing, except time. We all have x amount of time, use it make yourself feel cared for and happy. Also, notice none of the above examples needed participation from anyone else (except of course the playing with your kids and they’re usually willing participants).

Think your family will miss out while you’re indulging? Not so, kids want their Momma to be happy, relaxed, and self-fulfilled. You are teaching your kids a great lesson. It’s important that everyone make time to take care of themselves.

You ain’t gotta be a bitch about it either. Trust me I’ve done it. Running around snapping at everyone so I can get to Yoga on time. I always laugh at my hypocrisy of being rushed and rude on my way to be Zen-like. Seriously!!!  Yelling at your kids, “leave me alone I’m in the bath!” defeats the purpose. I think the more we indulge, the happier and calmer we’ll be so the urge to be a bitch might subside.

Spoil yourself. Everyone deserves to be happy. Everyone deserves to indulge often. Indulgence is NOT selfish. It’s opposite the better you take care of yourself the better you can care for others. What good are you to yourself much less anyone else if you’re tapped out and exhausted.

I give you permission to indulge and take excellent care of yourself. You are worth it. Watch what happens when you indulge. You’ll make better self-care decisions in all areas of your life.

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