April 23, 2018

A Healthier Spin on Pizza Night

My family usually orders pizza once a week. I like the night off from cooking, and we all love pizza. Here is my suggestion to make pizza night a little healthier. Pizza usually takes around an hour to arrive if you opt for delivery. Use that time to set the table and prepare some vegetables. I usually prepare cucumbers, snap peas, and baby carrots, Ranch dip if we have it, and olives. If we are starving we snack on the veggies while we wait for the pizza to arrive. Sometimes we eat the vegetables with the pizza, just depends on the night.

I suggest eating on a proper plate at the table; even pizza deserves a proper plate. Eat any fruits, vegetables, or combination of both, that you like. No need to get fancy just use what you have and looks good. It is all about being easy and going with the flow.

The other night I had a few neighborhood kids over for pizza, and they seemed happy to eat some healthy items along with their pizza and soda. On paper plates, by the way, because sometimes it is nice to make it easy. Like I always say it’s not all or nothing.

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