April 23, 2018


Exercise is an important component of good health and is essential to long-term weight-loss. Exercise more days of the week than not. Some weeks you might exercise 7 days, other weeks maybe 3 days. The trick is to find types of exercise you enjoy so that you actually look forward to it. Lose the all or nothing mentality when it comes to exercise. They’re going to be times you miss working out, you’ve got to be able to hop back on that treadmill, so to speak.

Schedule exercise that works well with your existing schedule and lifestyle. The best way to set yourself up for failure is to start a new exercise regime that’s not convenient for you. Make adding in exercise as convenient as possible so that you’ll actually do it.

Walking is great exercise. All you need is a pair of athletic shoes. Walk in your neighborhood, park or track.  Grab a walking partner if that sounds good to you. Parking farther away from work or the store is great too. On a busy day, that might be your exercise.

Add physical activity daily including weekends. You eat daily you must get some form of exercise daily.


Don’t fall into the all or nothing mentality, fifteen minutes of physical activity is better than none.

Throw out the scale

Hide it, at the very least, put it somewhere you cannot easily access it. In the beginning, I don’t want you on the scale, especially if you weigh yourself daily. The scale is not necessarily the best indicator of health. I like to use how my clothes fit and how much energy I have to assess how I am doing.

Don’t let your happiness depend on the number on the scale.

Use a pedometer or fitness tracking band

We’re aiming for 10,000+ steps daily. It might take some time to work up to that number, and you might not hit it every day.  Some movement is better than no movement. There are many fitness tracking wristbands out there; I highly recommend getting one. No need to get an expensive one, all you need is steps daily. On a busy day hitting 10,000 steps is considered exercise in my book.

Try new types of exercise

If exercise is new to you, try different types to see what you like. Adding new types of exercise will become more important as you progress on your fitness journey, your body will hit plateaus because it gets used to the same exercise routine. To continue to lose weight and challenge your body, you must try new types exercise. Plus it keeps you interested.

Wear a heart rate monitor

A heart rate monitor is a great motivator (also a feature of some fitness bands). A heart rate monitor allows you to see the actual health benefits of exercising, when your heart rate is elevated blood is flowing rapidly throughout your body improving your circulation. Your heart is a muscle that needs to be worked just like every other muscle in your body. Increasing your heart rate also burns calories and fat. Use a heart rate monitor to create your own cardio intervals, speed up to accelerate your heart rate, then slow down to a moderate pace and continue to alternate. Cardio Interval training is perfect for beginners, while you’re building your stamina.

Practice Mind/Body connection exercise

Specifically, Pilates and Yoga. Both are very beneficial; they quiet the mind and allow you to have a better relationship with your body. Focusing on your body and how it’s moving, allows for relaxation. The greater your connection to your body the better your intuition will be in all areas of your life. Pilates and yoga also focus on correct postural alignment and stretching; both are crucial especially as we age. Both Yoga and Pilates feel amazing. When exercise feels good, we’re more likely to do it. Don’t think you have to pick one or the other; be an exercise whore.


Make time for exercise

Life is about making choices. Do I exercise Sunday or watch football? Maybe you get creative and figure out a way to do both. Do I clean up after dinner or take a walk? Yes, something is going to have to go in order for you to fit in exercise. Some days you might have an hour to workout and other days you might have 10 or 20 minutes, do the best with the time you have.

Making choices will get easier as you get better in-tune with your body

Change the way you think about exercise

Think of exercise as a treat, like a massage, pedicure, etc. I love indulgence and consider exercise just that. You’ll be a better, wife, mom, friend, and employee by taking the time to care for yourself.

Exercise works like insurance for your body, like a premium you pay, exercise is putting the time in now for better health later.

Think of your body and what it does for you, not how it looks on the outside

Read Hot Dog Race to see how I learned this valuable lesson.

Congratulate yourself on your accomplishments. Look at the positive; I walked 20 minutes today!!! I’m doing well! Rather than I didn’t do very well today, I only worked out 20 minutes:(

Life is how you look at it.

Start looking for the positive.

You’re awesome, and you should feel that way daily!

Working out is not dependent on what you ate.

Don’t fall into the mind trap of, “I ate poorly so why bother working out.” 

It’s actually the opposite.


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