April 23, 2018

Action Plan


Start a journal. Typically we’re very busy and don’t take the time to think about our relationship with food, dieting, and exercise.   Keeping a journal will help you get in-tune with your body and emotions, surrounding food.

Use your journal to write down what you eat and drink daily. Include why you ate (often it is not due to hunger) and how you felt before, during, and after. Include the specifics where you are, who you’re with, how much, and the time of day. Be specific, the more information you gather, the better. The more introspective you are, the better you’ll be able to change flawed thinking patterns. Be honest with yourself no one else has to see it. By reflecting on your journal, you’ll begin to recognize flawed thinking patterns and self-sabotaging efforts. If you’ve spent a significant amount of time dieting, you probably have many self-sabotaging patterns. Take ideas from my blog and add em to your existing patterns that are serving you well. Lose the thought patterns and habits that aren’t serving you well. Easier said than done, be patient with yourself and consistent.

Keeping a journal is a personal decision. In the past, I’ve felt by writing down everything I ate I ended up obsessing over food. Thinking about what I was or wasn’t going to eat all day. I found I ate more and my choices in food weren’t the best. Mind you I did have scary boot camp trainers punishing our entire class if our food choices were not up to par.

Don’t be your own scary boot camp trainer judging your choices harshly. Rather take the position of an observer, holding NO judgment over what you eat or don’t eat. Think of your journal as doing research on yourself! If you still find that writing down what you eat is messing you up, stop. It’s not for everyone.

Kick start your journal with a list of everything you like about yourself.  If you don’t have a journal yet, go out and buy one. A notepad works too. Write down all of the qualities you like best about yourself. If you find that your list is small, don’t be hard on yourself, as your confidence improves your list will expand.

Refer to your list when you need inspiration or better yet as a daily reminder of your awesomeness. Feeling inspired to make your list now don’t let a lack of a journal stop you! Write your list on a piece of paper, your computer, tablet or use notes on your phone. You can always transfer the list to your journal once you get one.  Better yet, keep your list in multiple places for easy access and constant reminders.

Share your entire list or a few of your favorites with us. It can be your smile, hard work ethic, sense of humor, legs, etc. you name it. I can’t wait to hear what everyone loves about themselves!!! Don’t hold back! You are awesome, and we all want to know why!

Let’s change the conversation to what is RIGHT. We have all heard enough about what is wrong.

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Do something active every day. Switch it up, maybe you walk one day then take a yoga class another, you get the idea. Some exercise is better than none at all, especially if you’re starting from no physical activity.

Start parking farther away. All the little stuff adds up to big results. Plus there are tons of parking spots farthest away from a store and no one will ding your car. Take stairs when possible over elevators.

Include exercise in your journal if you like.


Sleep plays a large part in your health. The goal is 7 to 8 hours per night. Write down how much sleep you get each night. You can begin to draw correlations between your sleep, activity level, and eating patterns. Fitness trackers also do an excellent job keeping track of your sleep. If you find you are falling short of the recommended sleep, remember like everything else any improvement is fabulous! In order to add in more sleep something is going to have to go. What’s more important your health or watching TV? It’s all about choices.


There will be ups and downs on your journey. You are reprogramming the way you think; breaking negative thought patterns that aren’t working for you. Be easy on yourself.  Be a keen observer of your life, without judgment. So what you binged on cookies last night. Being hard on yourself won’t keep you from binge eating again. If anything you’ll feel guilty and bad about yourself, prompting you to do it again.

Your happiness is paramount. If you’re not happy with what you eat, then it’s not sustainable. That’s usually the case with diets and constantly going “on” and “off” them.

I’m going to say this again; your happiness is paramount.

Life is precious. I don’t want you to waste another minute hating yourself and the way you look.  You are more than the number on the scale and the size of your jeans.

You are beginning your journey, and only you’ll know if you’re being true to yourself.  When it comes to trying something new, most likely your fear is failure. Start telling yourself and believing that you will succeed!!!!

Believe You Can and You're Halfway There Concept

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