May 24, 2018

Say Yes to Yourself by Saying No to Diets

We are ready for a new way of thinking. Enough diets already!

Good health is what we want.

Diets suck! Diets focus on what is “wrong” and deprivation of the foods you love.

You cannot hate, condemn and deprive yourself into good health. You cannot hate, condemn and deprive yourself and be happy either.

You don’t want to spend your precious time dieting, counting points, weighing food, and stressing out. That consumes your time, energy and doesn’t improve your relationship with your body.

Instead, let’s put our energy into getting in-tune with our bodies. Building ourselves from the ground up, starting with a solid base. Let’s shift our focus, away from dieting, to instead taking care of ourselves. Prioritizing our happiness. Being at peace with our bodies. At peace with food.

Diets want us to believe we are powerless and need the “diet” to fix us. This is NOT true. You don’t need to be fixed!

You don’t need a diet to be healthy!

Start today by making a pledge to yourself:

Stop contributing to the diet chatter that surrounds all of us daily. Stop thinking and saying things like: I’m fat. I need to lose weight. I shouldn’t eat this. I’m starting my diet Monday. Etc.

Stop engaging in conversation with other women about dieting, weight-loss and body slamming! We are creating a negative environment for ourselves. Not to mention it’s boring! Tell me something interesting about yourself, not how many pounds you recently gained or lost! Enough already! This type of conversation, I believe, is actually the main reason women are unhappy with their bodies.

Stop being competitive with other women. There’s enough room for all of us. Just because another woman is skinny doesn’t mean you’re fat and she’s better. Conversely, you’re not better than anyone because you’re slim.

Take ownership of your decisions right now! If you’re going eat a cookie, eat the fucking cookie! Enjoy every bite. Don’t deny yourself the enjoyment of food. Food is meant to be enjoyed.

Stop explaining and justifying what you eat.

Stop denying yourself foods you love. It actually makes you eat more.

Stop referring to foods as good or bad.

What you eat doesn’t define you. Stop defining who you are by what you eat. I was “good” I ate healthily or I was “bad”  I had donuts.

Start doing things you’re afraid of today. Doing so will improve your self-confidence. Small things add up to big things.


Compliment yourself often!

Start giving other women genuine compliments. Ladies, we are on the same team!

See how good you feel about yourself when you give another woman a sincere compliment. Every one of us has the power to make someone else’s day. You never know how your kind words can positively impact someone’s day.

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